A safe, aesthetic, conveniently planned plot of a residential house or other purpose building gives each dwelling additional functionality and charm. To achieve this, it is not necessary to fundamentally change the look of the existing yard, it is enough just to choose high-quality, durable exterior details. Fences are one of them. These products not only help to create a more aesthetic image, but also provide the necessary security for every resident and guest of the house. For this reason, such details must be chosen very responsibly and carefully.

The fence is a foundation separate from the surrounding, especially relevant in settlements where residential or commercial houses are next to each other. In addition to the protective function, fences also perform an aesthetic function, finalizing the exterior of the yard and complementing the overall appearance of the house.

Although the economic expression of the installation of fencing remains quite significant, people are increasingly inclined to value quality. Standards are chosen less often, fence trends are moving towards individuality. When choosing a model of metal fences, the customer himself can contribute to its creation. He can submit his own drawings or choose from the ones offered by manufacturers

Why should you choose metal products?


Metal is one of the strongest and most durable materials. Metal parts serve for many years and perform their functions perfectly. However, metal products require an anti-corrosion coating that would ensure a long-term effect and help maintain the product’s original appearance for up to 10 years. No matter what environment this material is in, it adorns every yard with its excellent aesthetic condition all year round.

Easy maintenance

Metal fences do not require careful and complex maintenance. It is even easier to take care of them if they are covered with special paints. In this case, they perform not only an aesthetic function, but also effectively protect against unwanted environmental effects, rust or other defects. Another way to easily ensure maintenance of fences that does not require a lot of time is zinc coating, which helps to prevent corrosion.


Coldness, minimalism, simplicity are the characteristics of exterior elements made of metal. However, in order to liven up the appearance of such products or give them a sense of warmth, it is only necessary to choose the right paint. A fence made of such materials can be diverse: modern, contemporary, classic or ornate.

Optimal price

Reasonable price-quality ratio is another feature that makes it worth choosing metal products. Despite the fact that they are more expensive than plastic, mesh, hedge elements, the durability, strength and other positive aspects of such fences are worth a slightly higher monetary investment.


The application of such fences is practically unlimited. This type of product can be used perfectly in a modern, simple or fancy yard. Such products are easy to process, which allows us to achieve design solutions that meet everyone’s needs. In addition, it is easy to cover them with various paints, so depending on the color of the house, you can achieve the desired aesthetic image or even change the style of the entire yard.

Original fence design solutions

Metal fences can be easily cut, welded and otherwise changed. Therefore, by choosing this type of fence, it is possible to effectively obtain the desired aesthetic appearance. Stainless steel and aluminum are excellent materials from which a professional blacksmith can create beautiful ornaments that please everyone’s eyes. Such ornaments give the plot elegance or, on the contrary, playfulness.

In order to purchase high-quality, long-lasting products with an exclusive design, it is worth contacting professionals in their field. Only masters with a lot of knowledge can offer solutions that meet everyone’s needs, which will allow you to stand out from the dull and gray block of residential houses, express your sense of style or other original ideas. Harmony between the yard, the structure and the fence can be achieved with the help of professionals. A one-of-a-kind piece of metal on every home plot ensures that no one else can boast the same product.

The craftsmen of UAB “VIDALSTA” take into account the expectations of each customer and create high-quality, optimally priced products that are easy to maintain and adapt to different exterior styles. Choosing a unique fence is one of the best investments in the safety, reliability and aesthetics of your home.

How to choose a fence?

In order for the choice to please you for a long time and not cause additional worries, it is worth considering several important aspects.

  1. First
    General view of the plot, the house. It is important to assess what style dominates the exterior of the house and the yard surrounding it. A properly selected fence can enliven the aesthetic image of the house and successfully complement it. In both cases, it is worth remembering that these products are seen not only by the owners of the yard, but also by its visitors, neighbors or passers-by. Therefore, it is like a visiting card of the home, which reveals the design ideas, aesthetic taste or lifestyle of its owners.
  2. Second
    Durability is an important aspect. Only high-quality fences made of durable materials can preserve their original appearance and function for many years. Long-lasting fences please everyone’s eyes regardless of the weather or other conditions. The third criterion that should be taken into account when choosing the above-mentioned products is maintenance. Different details require different investment of time and maintenance. In order for the chosen fence to require as little effort as possible in maintaining it, it is worth considering its design and arrangement of ornaments.

Fences with a simple, minimalist design require little investment of time in maintaining them. Such exterior elements are easy to clean. Another aspect related to the maintenance of fences is the material from which they are made. Perhaps the least amount of effort should be spent on metal fences to ensure a great aesthetic appearance, and the most on wooden products or hedges.

When choosing the finishing material for the fence and gate, it is important to pay attention to the material’s resistance to environmental effects and durability, so that you don’t have to repaint every few years, and maintenance is easy.

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The craftsmen of UAB “VIDALSTA” take into account the expectations of each customer and create high-quality, optimally priced products that are easy to maintain and adapt to different exterior styles.