Barbecues produced by UAB “VIDALSTA” are a matter of the prestige of a good owner. They are usually divided according to the type of fuel used. These are electric, gas, wood and charcoal barbecues. In the yards of Lithuanian owners, barbecues, fired with firewood and coal, are usually found. Although their construction does not seem complicated at first glance, several nuances should be taken into account in order to purchase a really good barbecue.


Suitable metal

The main thing to pay attention to when buying a barbecue is the metal and the thickness of the walls of the barbecue. Good quality barbecues are usually made of stainless or black steel. Barbecues made of cast iron, steel coated with powder paint, glass enamel are less common in the market.

True, stainless steel barbecues are good, durable, but quite expensive.

Seams and holes

When purchasing a barbecue, it is necessary to consider its construction. The fewer seams, the stiffer the construction of the barbecue, more resistant to deformations. High-quality barbecues are usually cooked to perfection and should be airtight. In this case, it can be expected that the barbecue will keep its structure longer.

It is necessary to have holes in the bottom of the barbecue, through which the ashes could fall out during burning. It is important that they are of the right width – they are not clogged with ash. Good barbecues are those that can cook meat with the lowest fuel consumption. A large number of large holes in the side walls of the barbecue can lead to the fact that the wind will simply blow the embers, and then more fuel will be needed.

According to experts, one row of holes is enough to ensure good combustion. Fuel consumption is also affected by the depth of the grill. The optimal distance between the grill or skewers and the embers is about 15 centimeters. If it’s bigger, you’ll automatically need more firewood or coal.

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