Living in your own home and having a large yard, personal space is hard to imagine without a high-quality, aesthetically-looking gate. A gate is an exterior detail from which the space of every residential building begins. After all, it is probably the first element of the house’s environment that guests or neighbors notice. This exterior solution can reveal not only the aesthetic taste of the building’s residents, but also their attitude towards the security of their home, their lifestyle or other equally important aspects.

High-quality gates are characterized not only by an exceptional level of security and strength, but also by convenience and aesthetics. In this part that surrounds the house, everyone can easily express their originality, the best ideas that attract the attention of all passers-by. In order for this exterior element to ensure the highest level of security, it is worth choosing only gates that are made of high-quality, strong materials that provide a stable construction and resistance to various environmental factors.


Revolving gate

One of the most popular optional types is a swing gate. However, when deciding to purchase such a product, it is worth considering its functionality during the winter. It is during this period that we receive a lot of snow, which can clog the swing gates. For this reason, they must be installed very carefully and with high quality. Otherwise, there is a threat of having to deal with the constant shoveling of snow from the gate after a heavy snowfall. Of course, professional installers take this into account and leave a gap of at least 5 centimeters near the pavement, which allows the gate to be used comfortably and efficiently.

Hinged patio gates usually come in two parts – opening to the inside of the yard or to the outside. In addition, if there can be one part, and one part of a two-part gate can open outwards, and the other – inward. They are ideal for plots with a larger area inside that require the gate to be able to open freely. The pillars on which the gate structure will be hung are the main thing when planning to install such a gate. If you plan to choose metal pillars, you should correctly choose the diameter of the pillar, the thickness of the wall, and the depth of concreting. All these parameters mostly depend on the width and weight of the gate to be installed.

Gate functionality and aesthetics

Professional gate manufacturers take into account the needs of each customer, so they can design products that express a high level of durability and functionality. The implemented non-standard solutions surprise even those who have seen the most original design ideas. Quality, reliability, durability are the most important features of the products of experts in their field.

Gate production solutions meet all the requirements. Great attention is paid to their functionality. In addition, it is important to note that gates can visually increase or decrease the space of each yard. If you have a small area, it is important to increase it as much as possible and more efficiently, and if you have a very large space, you can choose such products that take up more space and not worry about the fact that the space will visually decrease too much. For example, blinding details can help reduce even the largest area. Therefore, if you have a small yard space, it is not recommended to choose such a gate.

Gate functionality and aesthetics

A functional, aesthetic gate is a necessity for every yard. Products that have a lot of ornaments and aesthetically-looking, ornate details are perfect for a simply furnished space, as they can enliven it at least partially. On the other hand, if the yard is decorated very ornately and its owner wants as much privacy as possible, it is worth choosing a closed type gate. Closed details provide privacy and necessary peace, help to separate from the noise coming from the street side.

Often smaller gates are also installed at the gates. When choosing such a combination of exterior elements, it is important that it matches the overall image both stylistically and functionally. Smaller gates are usually intended for the entrance, through which both residents and guests enter the yard. A comfortable entrance should be adapted to the height of each person, and most importantly, it should have a high-quality, durable lock, which will ensure high security of the private area.

UAB “VIDALSTA” offers its customers high-quality gates and gates, which are made of quality materials and are characterized by functionality. Gates of different widths, their leaves and wickets are details that can successfully complement the image of the environment of every yard.

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The craftsmen of UAB “VIDALSTA” take into account the expectations of each customer and create high-quality, optimally priced products that are easy to maintain and adapt to different exterior styles.