Aluminium welding

Aluminum is the most widespread metal in the Earth’s crust. This material has extremely versatile properties, due to which it is often used in both the industrial and construction sectors. An example of this is widely used aluminum gates, fences, railings and other home interior or exterior details.

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Properties of aluminum

Aluminum welding is done very often. The popularity of this metal is perfectly understandable. After all, it has the following characteristics:


Aluminum – about 3 times lighter than steel. For this reason, it is particularly widely used in various industries, even in the production of foil.

Electrical and thermal conductivity

Although welding is difficult work, this metal is easier to weld than other similar materials. This is because aluminum has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

Corrosion resistance

These days, you’ll see aluminum gates, fences, stair railings, and other home details in many places. One of the reasons for the popularity of this metal is its high degree of corrosion resistance.

Easy machining

This metal can be easily processed by various machine methods, for example: welding, cutting, milling, stamping and others. Aluminum welding – performed by experts in their field, so you can enjoy a long-lasting result.

Metal processing services

UAB “VIDALSTA” aluminum welding will be done with great care and quality. In addition to aluminum welding, we provide other metal welding and cutting services that will meet the expectations of each customer.

We can offer our services to both Lithuanian and foreign customers. Quality, reliability and durability are our business cards.

Methods of aluminum welding

Aluminum welding is a job that requires a lot of care and attention. Therefore, it should only be entrusted to experts in their field. There are 3 main methods of aluminum welding:

  1. Semi-automatic cooking
    This is one of the easiest ways to weld aluminum. Semi-automatic welding is often chosen when it is necessary to weld sheets or tins of various sizes. However, it is quite difficult to weld small and precision-demanding parts in this way.
  2. Welding with aluminum electrodes
    Much more complicated than semi-automatic welding of aluminum. If you want a product made of aluminum to have beautiful seams, this method is not very suitable.
  3. TIG welding
    This method requires special equipment and a professional welder. It is this type of welding that is often chosen when you want to weld extremely small parts that require a lot of care.

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