An orderly, high-quality and carefully furnished balcony can become the decoration of almost every home. You can grow flowers or other plants in it, have a nice time on sunny summer days and do other activities. Do you want to have a strong, long-lasting and aesthetic balcony? We suggest paying attention to metal structures that can be easily adapted to buildings of different styles.


How to install a balcony?

Do you want your balcony to be not only tidy, high-quality, but also cozy? We recommend placing ergonomic and comfortable outdoor furniture in it, on which you can sit with friends. Another great solution is to grow decorative plants or a spice garden. Additional comfort and privacy can be provided by lightweight partitions.

UAB “VIDALSTA” will manufacture and design high-quality metal balcony structures according to the wishes of each customer, which will provide even more comfort and decorate different types of buildings.

Why should you choose metal balcony structures?

  1. Convenient maintenance
    Maintaining balconies made of metal is simple and straightforward. It is important to clean them regularly and protect them from the negative effects of the environment. Properly selected cleaning agents and regular maintenance are necessary for every metal product.
  2. Modernity
    Metal balconies are characterized by modernity and style, so they can decorate the exterior of every home. Specialists in their field easily make original or classic ornaments from such material, which add life and interest.
  3. Longevity
    If you want your balcony to last for many years, we recommend choosing structures made of metal. They are characterized not only by exceptional strength, but also by durability. Thanks to these positive aspects, choosing a metal balcony will allow you to enjoy extremely high quality.

Susisiekite ir aptarsime visus jums rūpimus klausimus

UAB „VIDALSTA“ meistrai atsižvelgia į kiekvieno kliento lūkesčius ir kuria aukštos kokybės, optimalia kaina pasižyminčius gaminius, kuriuos nesunku prižiūrėti bei pritaikyti prie skirtingo stiliaus eksterjero.