A staircase without a proper handrail is like a house without a roof. A quality handrail installed in the right place can give new life to even the oldest stairs. A more beautiful aesthetic appearance and protection from accidents are the main purposes of railings. After all, you don’t want to climb a particularly steep flight of stairs and have nothing to hold on to.

Looking for someone to create unique railings? We are at your service. UAB “VIDALSTA” provides the highest quality handrail and staircase manufacturing services. The railings and stairs made by us will last for many decades, because they are metal and of high quality. Give your home a unique design feel!


Where to install metal railings?

Metal railings are characterized by extremely wide application possibilities. Therefore, they can be installed both in residential houses and in public buildings. Of course, before installing metal railings, it is important to consider the overall style of the building. Properly selected products of this type will perform not only a practical function, but will be an attention-grabbing, stylish, unique interior or exterior detail.

The focus is on unique solutions

Metal products manufactured by UAB “VIDALSTA” will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Have unique ideas but don’t know who can implement them? Then contact us! We will manufacture metal railings according to individual requests. A professional team and many years of experience will ensure that these products will serve for more than one decade.

The most durable metals are used for high-quality railings

We can make handrails in stainless steel or aluminum. Why should you choose railings made of these metals? Because such production is extremely durable. After all, aluminum and stainless steel are widely used in various industrial fields, even in shipbuilding. Durable metal ships confirm the durability and strength of these metals.

In addition, aluminum is easily processed by various machines. This allows you to create railings with a variety of patterns, exclusive style and decorations. Such products are an exclusive design detail that will catch the eyes of all guests.

Finally, both stainless steel and aluminum are corrosion resistant. Corrosion resistance helps preserve the marketable appearance of products made from these metals. Thus, versatility and the mentioned positive properties determine the popularity of metal railings.

The highest quality railings and stairs will make every resident of the house happy. Take care of the style and security of your home today! UAB “VIDALSTA” team is ready to implement even the most complex and unique solutions.

Why should you choose metal railings?

Because our metal products are characterized by:

  1. Firmness
    Metal is a very strong material. The metal parts of the stairs will withstand even the heaviest steps or the greatest movement of the flow of people. Holding on to such a railing will be especially safe and comfortable. Therefore, it is quite an excellent and practical choice. Especially if you value security.
  2. Longevity
    High-quality and professionally installed metal railings will last for decades. It can be said that this is an excellent investment in preserving the longevity of the entire house. Of course, it is important that metal products are regularly maintained properly.
  3. Aesthetic image
    Metal can be called a rather cold substance. This coldness can be applied in interiors of various styles. For example, if your home is characterized by simplicity, metal products can give additional life. Meanwhile, if you live in a minimalist style building, products made of metal will enhance the feeling of minimalism and Scandinavian style.

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The craftsmen of UAB “VIDALSTA” take into account the expectations of each customer and create high-quality, optimally priced products that are easy to maintain and adapt to different exterior styles.