Individual metal solutionsfor your home!


The fence is a foundation separate from the surrounding, especially relevant in settlements where residential or commercial houses are next to each other.


Living in your own home and having a large yard, personal space is hard to imagine without a high-quality, aesthetically-looking gate.

Aluminium welding

Aliuminis – plačiausiai Žemės plutoje paplitęs metalas. Ši medžiaga pasižymi itin universaliomis savybėmis, dėl kurių dažnai naudojama...


An orderly, high-quality and carefully furnished balcony can become the decoration of almost every home. You can grow flowers or other plants in it...


A staircase without a proper handrail is like a house without a roof. A quality handrail installed in the right place can give new life to even the oldest stairs.

Metal canopies

Looking for something to decorate your home? Metal canopies are excellent and practical decorations that we manufacture and can offer you.


Garden aviaries are the best solution for keeping your dogs or other pets safe. The metal aviaries we produce are made from the highest quality materials.

Grilled and metal doors

Do you want to protect buildings of different purpose? We suggest paying attention to high-quality and strong metal bars and doors. With such products, it is easy to achieve...


Barbecues produced by UAB "VIDALSTA" are a matter of the prestige of a good owner. They are usually divided according to the type of fuel used. These are electric, gas, wood and coal plants...


We produce beautiful, modern, practical furniture. Are you looking for uniquely designed, decorative and practical chairs or tables? Would you like to decorate your garden or home...

Non-standard devices

Working with heavy metal and want to achieve better results? Take advantage of high-quality and functional non-standard devices.