Stairs, handrails


Stairs without proper handrails- like a house without a roof. Qualitatively and suitably installed handrails can give new life even for the oldest stairs. Nicer aesthetic view and protection against accidents – the main functions of handrails. After all, you do not want to climb on a very steep stairs and not to have to keep to something.

Are you looking for someone who would make you unique handrails? We are at your service. UAB ‘VIDALSTA’ provides the highest quality services of manufacture of handrails and stairs.Our produced handrails and stairs will serve for decades, because they are metal and of high-quality. Provide your house with an exclusive sense of design!

Why to choose metal handrails?

Because handrails are characterized by the following features:

  • Strength. Metal – very durable material. Metal stair parts will withstand even the most difficult steps or the movement of the flow of large group of people.To keep on such handrails will be particularly safe and convenient. Therefore, it is quite an excellent and practical choice. Especially, if you evaluate the safety.
  • Durability. Qualitatively and professionally installed metal handrails will serve for decades. It can be said that it is a great investment in the preservation of durability of the overall housing. Of course, it is important that the metal products would be properly maintained.
  • Aesthetical view. Metal can be described as a relatively cold material. This coldness can be adapted to different styles of interiors. For example, if your house is characterized by simplicity, metal handrails can give extra life. Meanwhile, if you live in a minimalist-style building, metal handrails will strengthen the minimalism and Scandinavian style sense.

How to install metal handrails?

Metal handrails are characterized by a very wide range of application possibilities. Therefore, they can be installed in both residential buildings and public buildings. Of course, before installation, it is important to take into account the overall building’s style. Properly selected handrails will perform not only practical function, but also will serve as an eye-catching, stylish, unique interior or exterior detail.

Focus on unique solutions

The company’s UAB ‘VIDALSTA’ manufactured metal handrails –will meet even the most demanding customer’s needs. You have unique ideas, but do not know who to implement them? Then contact us! We will produce metal handrails according to individual preferences. Professional team and years of experience will ensure that these products will serve more than one decade.

High-quality handrails from the most resistant metals

We can produce handrails of stainless steel or aluminum. Why it is worth choosing specifically from these metals made handrails? Because such handrails – extremely durable. After all, aluminum and stainless steel – are widely used in various industrial fields, even in the production of vessels. Durable metal vessels confirm the durability and strength of these metals.

In addition, aluminum is easily processed by different machines. This allows creating a variety of patterns, exclusive style and handrails with decorations. Such handrails –a detail of an exclusive design that will catch the eyes of all your guests.

Finally, both stainless steel and aluminum are resistant to corrosion. Resistance to corrosion helps to preserve the appearance of the products made of these metals. Thus, versatility and the said positive properties determine the popularity of metal handrails.

The highest-quality handrails and stairs – will delight every resident of the home. Take care of your home style and safety already today! UAB ‘VIDALSTA’ team is ready to implement even the most complex and the most unique solutions.

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