Metal roofs

Do you look for something to decorate your house with? Metal roofs are one of those decorations we make. They are very practical and simple. Our professional craftsmen construct beautiful, aesthetic shapes, various subtle designs.

Beautiful and practical

Little metal roofs are the most suitable outside above doors and entrances. We construct high quality, elegant and subtle design metal constructions for roofs. A roof above door is not only beautiful, but very practical as well. It can protect from rain, your door mat will remain dry and you can get many benefits from it.

Various constructions

The company ‘VIDALSTA’ offers whole metal roofs or metal constructions which hold plastic roofs inside. There are different size and shapes metal roofs. We construct it according to individual measurements that you need. Just say your order for us and we will try to accomplish it – there is nothing what is impossible for us to make.

Decorate the house of your dreams! High quality services and works are guaranteed. Apply for our professional masters now and they will help your decoration visions come true.