Front gates and small gates this is what your personal home space starts with. It is important to everyone that front gates would be not only beautiful, comfortable but also safe and solid. After all, gates are one of your residential land components that may reflect the character and sense of style of the owners of the house. This is part of the fence surrounding the house where you can be original and exclusive.

Choose the gates that each day will meet you or your guests and will perform function of primary image. Of course, the gates should be safe and functional. Safety is guaranteed by a solid gate structure, high-quality locks and various irritant resistant materials.

Before purchasing swinging gates, you should first consider their functionality during the winter season. Otherwise, in case of heavy snow, you will have to dig the yard in order to open the gates. Of course, the swinging gates are not installed very close to the ground, usually leaving a gap of at least 5 centimeters. So slight precipitation during the winter season should not cause many problems. When needed, the gates can be installed and higher.

The goal of UAB ‘VIDALSTA’ is to design, manufacture and install metal gates that would meet the individual needs of the customer. We offer non-standard solutions, a wide range of decorative forged metal workpieces for household, decoration, and environment. Combination of quality, reliability and durability – is the main driving force of our business.

Gates manufacturing solutions

The design of front gates is mostly associated with functionality. It should be remembered that gates can visually increase or decrease space. It is likely that impenetrable front gates will further reduce the territory and in some cases it is better to choose the gates which are not so close. Moreover, if the profile of the swinging gates is of close type, severe storms may break such gates. On the other hand, if you give priority to privacy, the impenetrable gates will perform this function much better.

The gates should be consistent with small gates. While planning the fencing system of the plot you should not forget the pedestrians. This function is performed by entrance gates. UAB ‘VIDALSTA’, as the experts of the gates, are ready to produce the small gates that would be the same style as the main gates. This creates a common fence line harmony and integrity of the house exteriors.

Domestic double-leaf gates

This is a two-leaf swing gates. The leafs are attached to the poles, move above the entrance.Such gates are commonly used in a residential land, where there is no place to install sliding gates, due to relief features or there is no place to slip them to the side. Double-leaf gates – a versatile solution with a robust design.

UAB ‘VIDALSTA’ can offer its customers a variety of sizes of double leaf or single leaf gates. It is also possible to combine gates with leafs of different widths. In this case, narrower leaf can perform the function of small gates. Available various types of gate leaf filling.

The customer’s desires and liking – our main concern. Let the chosen gates, decorated with blacksmith works, would meet you while leaving and coming back home. To learn more about all the possibilities of the design and manufacture of the yard gates, please contact our experts. Product samples are available in the website menu, the section GALLERY.