Gates, fences

Fencing of the territory is not the only function of the fence. It not only protects the territory but also aesthetically complements the plot, landscape design, matches to other buildings in your yard. Blacksmith metal fences, made according to individual customers’ orders, are characterized by high quality, durability, aesthetics and durability.

Metal is a durable material so the metal fences are stronger and more resistant than made from other materials. The metal fence is difficult to break, it is extremely strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion compared to regular maintenance requiring a wooden fence. Metal fences do not require much maintenance, especially if painted. In this case paint serve not only as an aesthetic but also as functional, rust protection element.

Metal fence is a great way to fence an area attractively and safely. The company UAB ‘VIDALSTA’ designs and installs metal fences itself, therefore, each order is fulfilled individually, taking into account individual needs of the customers. Metal fences have the following advantages:

  • versatility;
  • aesthetics;
  • solidity;
  • excellent price and quality ratio.

Metal fences are characterized by a wide range of design solutions. They can be classic, modern, with straight bars or decorated with a wide variety of shapes, with fragments of metal flowers or small bells. Metal – ideal material for extraction of various forms.

Blacksmiths ornaments

UAB ‘VIDALSTA’ – the professionals of metal structures and equipment manufacturing, cutting, welding and installing. In their hands, black, stainless steel or aluminum metal becomes exceptional blacksmith products. By fulfilling each customer’s imagination and desires, fences are enriched with blacksmith ornaments. Therefore, the final price of the product depends on the quantity of ornaments and blacksmith level.

Blacksmith fences – it is elegance and classic, surrounding your house. Such fences are in perfect harmony with classic style houses and the environment. Embellished with decorative elements, the fences will look exceptionally luxurious. This fencing is an optimal solution, combining the main fence function and aesthetics.

Non-standard projects

There is a wide variety of blacksmith metal fences. The professionalism of UAB ‘VIDALSTA’ allows offering its customers individual, tailor-made solutions. It is a customized design and manufacture of non-standard metal products. Focusing on customer needs allows us to create a harmony between the fences, gates, small gates and other segments of the fence. It is also important exclusiveness and single piece of metal work in your yard. We aim at providing the highest quality services, to offer what the customer desires. So if you are not satisfied with the standard models, we are ready to produce and install a fence of exclusive design.

A fence – is an element of your house, villa, exterior garden plot, as if outside visiting card complementing the entire building or their group’s architectural face. House style is one of the main criteria for choosing the best fitting fence. Fencing is also chosen with regard to their design, price in accordance with individual needs and capabilities of every owner of the building.