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The barbecues made by UAB ‘VIDALSTA’ are a prestige of every good host. Typically, they are classified according to the type of fuel used. These are electrical, gas, firewood and coal-fired. Lithuanians usually choose barbecues which are fired with wood and coal. Although, it may seem that their structure is not difficult,you should take into account some of issues before purchasing of a really good barbecue.

Suitable metal

The main thing you need to pay attention to while buying a barbecue is the metal and thickness of walls of the barbecue. Good quality barbecues are usually made of stainless steel or black steel, but less frequently of cast iron, powder-coated, steel covered by glass enamel.

It is true that stainless steel barbecues are good, durable but quite expensive.

Seams and holes

While purchasing a barbecue it is necessary to take into consideration its construction. The fewer seams, the structure of a barbecue is more rigid and more resistant to deformations. High-quality barbecues are usually welded in full and should be hermetically sealed.In this case, it can be expected that the barbecue will longer retain its construction.

The bottom of a barbecue must have holes through which ashes would fall out during the combustion. It is important that they would be of correct width so that not to be stuffed with ashes. Good barbecues are those where you can roast meat with minimal fuel consumption. A large number of large holes in the side walls of the barbecue can lead to the fact that the wind simply will extinguish the coals and then you will need more fuel.

According to experts, one row of holes is enough to ensure good combustion. Fuel costs also depend on the depth of a barbecue. The optimum distance between the grates or spits and coal is about 15 centimeters. If it is bigger, automatically you will need more wood or coal.